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Ask Governor Pritzker to Support Locally Built Energy Infrastructure and More Reliable Energy for Central and Southern Illinois

Illinois needs a strengthened electrical grid so residents, communities and businesses in Central and Southern Illinois can benefit from new and more reliable energy sources. And we need it now.

Local energy businesses and local, skilled workers have the experience to ensure we have power on the hottest days and coldest nights while giving back to the communities in which they live and operate.

  • Building Local: Competitively bid projects are managed by trusted, local energy companies, to deliver cost-savings and reliability benefits as quickly as possible. 
  • Building Local: The fastest way to build the new transmission lines we need to bring more affordable and reliable energy to Downstate Illinois.
  • Building Local: Supports Central and Southern Illinois, where local experienced transmission builders live, work, and raise their families.

HB 3445 is the commonsense, bi-partisan local solution that recently passed the Illinois legislature to deliver clean energy benefits of new, locally built transmission construction. It keeps local oversight and calls for local energy companies to manage the construction of the much-needed electric transmission infrastructure.

  • Benefits consumers by keeping local oversight and speeding up transmission line construction to connect more reliable energy sources to the grid.
  • Keeps the investments and economic benefits at home.
  • Creates more local jobs to support stronger communities.
  • Ensures the job is done right by local companies who competitively bid and build with local experienced workers.

Complete the form and urge Governor Pritzker to sign HB 3445 so it can become law and bring benefits to Central and Southern Illinois. Together we can encourage his support of local building and local control of our energy future.

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