Support the Downstate Clean Energy Affordability Act

Make sure Illinois’ energy policies benefit Downstate just as much as Chicago

Special interests in Springfield are rushing through a Chicago-focused energy plan. That plan—the so-called Clean Energy Jobs Act—benefits out-of-state energy developers at the expense of Downstate workers, families, and businesses. And it costs Downstate consumers nearly $20 BILLION over the next 30 years.

If Springfield doesn’t get our state’s clean energy policy right, they could make it harder to modernize Downstate’s energy infrastructure, protect reliability, and bring more clean energy to Downstate energy consumers safely and at the lowest possible cost.  

The people of central and southern Illinois deserve better. The Downstate Clean Energy Affordability Act will protect Downstate families, communities, and workers. And it will bring the benefits of clean energy to Downstate Illinois without putting affordability or reliability at risk. 

Tell Springfield to support SB 311/HB 1734 today!